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Recent legislation in the USA in the form of the STIR/SHAKEN policies implemented by the FCC is making it currently increasingly difficult to achieve good delivery rates on SMS on VoIP based numbers (as in the case of 2ndNumber). It is also heavily restricting their use for commerical purposes (eg. blocking messages that repeat themselves).

This is a result of the massive and widespread abuse of the US phone network throughout the last 20 years or so, whereby up to 75% of all traffic sent across US phone networks annually was bogus or spam. In 2021 the STIR/SHAKEN policy kicked into force and quite literally shut every VoIP based number down until it was proven innocent. Although in the long term this is a positive thing, the negative is that they are using a hammer to crack a nut, and plenty of legitimate users are being punished for simply owning a VoIP number. 

Therefore, for some customers who do not specifically need a US number for their needs and do not want to wait for the dust to settle, we are recommending the use of UK numbers since they are exempt from US regulation. They cost an additional $10 and can be purchased here.

Please be sure to provide us your existing US 2ndNumber when requested during the checkout process. 

Unfortunately you will not be able to chose your UK number before it is assigned.

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