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While we're busy beavering away on the iOS version of the 2ndNumber app, you can happily use the Zoiper Lite App to do a similar job of making and receiving calls with your 2ndNumber account. Here's how:

  1. Download Zoiper Lite here.
  2. Once you've opened the app, configure as follows:

  3. Select: "YES".


  5. Select "SIP account".

  6.  In "Account name" enter your 2ndNumber phone number as written in your welcome email.
  7. In "Domain", enter:
  8. In "User name" enter your 2ndNumber phone number again.
  9. In "Auth Username" enter your 2ndNumber phone number again.
  10. In "Password" enter the password sent to your by your support agent, you must email to get it. Don't forget to include your 2ndNumber in the email!
  11. It is a very long and complicated password and absolutely impossible to type manually. You will need to email it/WhatsApp it to your phone and copy/paste the password into the password box.
  12. Tap "Register" and you're done.
  13. Finally, check all battery optimisations are turned off for the app, otherwise iOS will close the app down when the battery runs low. This requires you to check the documentation of your Apple device to do this properly.

The folks at Apple blocked much of the SIP protocol (the thing that powers VoIP calls) a couple of years ago and requires now PUSH notifications to be enabled in the app of your choice. If you find you cannot reliably receive calls when the phone goes to sleep or the app goes in the background, Zoiper offer a paid feature called PUSH notifications. You will need to purchase this separately, although it doesn't cost much money at all. Lucky Android users don't have this problem, they can save their money for more interesting things to buy! 😂

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