My 2ndNumber does not receive SMS sent from my cellphone

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To receive SMS sent from your cell phone (let's say for example, when you sent a test message that didn't arrive), you'll need to check two things:

  1. If you have a US 2ndNumber

    Sending SMS to a new US 2ndNumber requires us to register the number with the FCC's central Robocaller Mitigation Database. This can take 24 hours and sometimes longer. Also, if you are sending SMS to a US number from a country that is not the UK or US, reach out to us at so that we may add these countries to your permitted senders list for your 2ndNumber.

  2. If you are sending SMS internationally

    Sending SMS to a non-native number (eg. sending an SMS from your US SIM card to a UK 2ndNumber or your French SIM card to your UK 2ndNumber) will almost certainly require a payment plan to allow you to send (and sometimes receive) international SMS messages. 

    Remember, the UK is not part of the EU anymore so sending SMS from a French/Spanish/European cell phone to a UK number is an "international" text and is not covered by roaming. Nearly all pre-pay and post-pay phone contracts BLOCK SMS to international destinations unless you pay to have them unblocked, by buying a SMS bundle or other such purchase. Do not expect SMS messages sent from a European or American SIM card to reach your UK 2ndNumber without an international SMS bundle or payment plan with your current phone provider. This also works in reverse, you will not receive an SMS to your US 2ndNumber if you send the SMS from a UK or European SIM card.


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