How much does it cost to send texts and make calls?

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2ndNumber uses a credits system which is very simple to understand - unlike some of our competitors who use the credit system to confuse. 😕

Quite simply:

1 credit  = 1 SMS to US or UK numbers (see below for sending SMS to other international numbers).


x credits = 1 minute of call time depending on the country you are calling (see below).

You can buy bundles of credits (100 at a time) from inside your 2ndNumber dashboard. You simply check out with PayPal then use the credits as you wish - by calling any destination or sending texts to any number. 

We do not charge to receive SMS messages or calls.

How many credits does it use making phone calls?

You can find details on the number of credits required to call international destinations on our webpage at:

But in a nutshell, calling US numbers uses 1 credit per minute of call time. Calling UK numbers uses 2 credits per minute. 

How many credits does it use to send SMS text messages?

Sending SMS text messages uses 1 credit to any US or UK phone number. All other destinations that are not US or UK numbers, including European, African or Asian destinations, use 10 credits per message. 



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