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Can I use the number to verify my favourite apps and services?
Yes, the numbers are enabled for verification use. Recent legislation in the US has put strict criteria in place for VoIP based numbers, but ours are compliant with this legislation.

What if it doesn’t work?
We understand you might have tried our competitors and found your number didn’t work with the apps you wanted. Should this happen with your 2ndNumber, just let us know and we’ll swap it over for a different number, no questions asked. It’s worth pointing out that UK numbers do not have such strict legislation. 2ndNumber also offer deals on UK numbers.

What happens if I don’t use my number?
The number must be used to make/receive a call or SMS message at least once every six months. If it isn’t used during that time, the number will be decommissioned, so it’s important to keep it active. We will email you when the time comes in case you forget!

What if I need more credits?
You can purchase more credits from your account via the “Profile” link. You can pay with PayPal. Pricing is at our website

Can I call other countries?
You can call anywhere in the world. Do be sure to check out the credits used per minute for your chosen destination. Some countries are more expensive to call than others and will eat into your credits more quickly.

Do I have to give you my personal information to get a number?
No - we only require that you checkout with PayPal - therefore we will see the PayPal payment receipt information, but we do not ask for anything else.

Do you supply other country codes?
Currently we support US and UK numbers, but we are aiming to provide : Australia, Brazil and several others in the coming months. These too can be used for SMS verification.

But I don't live in the US or UK. Can I still get a number?
Yes - you do not need to be a resident of the country to get a number, you can be based anywhere in the world and still get a number.

Can I use my 2ndNumber with my favourite VoIP app?
Yes – you can configure your favourite VoIP app to work with 2ndNumber and make and receive calls through it at no extra cost. You will need to email us separately to get the credentials to use in the app at

Does it use credit to forward a call to my cell/mobile/landline phone?
Yes – forwarding calls will use up credit. If you have the 2ndNumber app installed, you can receive calls on that directly at no cost, but if you divert all inbound calls to a mobile number, you will be using credits at the rate per minute for that destination. In any case, you can just let voicemail kick in, and this is free of charge too.

Can I move my existing number into 2ndNumber?
Yes, you can “port” your number into 2ndNumber no problem at all. Drop us a line at and we’ll guide you through the process. In essence if it is a UK mobile number, we will need the PAC code, if it is a US number we will need the PIN code. Both are only available by asking your current service provider.

Can I move my 2ndNumber to another provider?
Yes, the numbers are fully “portable” to another provider should you need to. But if there any reasons for you to move, do let us know what they are and we’ll see what we can do to keep you with 2ndNumber!

How is it different to Google Voice?
Aside from price (2ndNumber being cheaper), we're aiming to bring some features to the table that Voice doesn't have (check our roadmap on the website for details). Right now with 2ndNumber you can:
1. Receive SMS on multiple devices simultanously - and reply.
2. Same for calling, will work across multiple devices.
3. added chat-bot functionality / auto reply to SMS
4. Adding call routing features for inbound callers (part of the roadmap for business users)
5. Available globally - Voice is restricted in certain regions to certain customers (personal Google customers for example, for business use you need a Google Workspace subscription)

My country blocks PayPal - can I pay another way?
Yes - drop us an email at and we will advise of alternative ways to pay.

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