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You can forward calls to your 2ndNumber to a mobile number or other number of your choosing, but only after they have attempted to ring your app or WebPhone (eg. "unanswered"). This is useful if internet coverage is not great and the call doesn't reach the app or WebPhone, or, if you miss the call and want it to go somewhere else afterwards. Here's how to do it:

Call Forward Unanswered Calls

  1. Dial *52 from the 2ndNumber WebPhone or app.
  2. You will be asked firstly for your telephone number (the automated voice calls this your "extension"). This is your 2ndNumber telephone number, - do not include leading zeros or plus(+) symbols. So, if you have a US number, you'd type eg. 13155051234
  3. Next you will be asked for the 'target attendant' - this is simply the number you wish to divert to. In this instance, enter the phone number you wish to divert to, but in international format, eg 001234567890 or 00447989123456
  4. The prompts will repeat back to you what you have typed - confirm this is correct then hang up.

This feature will forward only calls that are not answered after 10 seconds. 

 To turn off the diversion, dial *53

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